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We’re experts in helping clients deliver savings to their bottom line – generating year-on-year profit increases.

Are you concerned about the rising costs of essential products and services? Are they having an unfavourable effect on your company or department’s budget and profitability? Is the disruption caused by underperforming suppliers wasting time and money? 

Struggling to find time to deal with supplier costs, contracts and risks, even though you know it’s something that needs attention?

Then we can help you. You stand to gain at least ten times our fee when you take advantage of our procurement and supplier management services.

Jo Summers

Director, Buyer BeSure

Our Mission Statement:

‘By delivering practical and re-useable procurement tools, processes, systems, techniques and controls, BuyerBeSure matures the procurement practices of our clients so that they are capable of generating year on year savings – which underpins business and economic growth.”

Helping clients achieve more for their money

BuyerBeSure helps give structure to the methods used when purchasing the numerous products and services your company needs in multiple ways:

  • Comprehensively analysing spend to identify savings
  • We help you buy strategically to achieve for the greatest value
  • Ensuring there is accountability for spend and contract commitments in your business
  • Implementing a savings programme and setting savings targets 

Changing the way clients manage their suppliers

Supplier relationship management helps safeguard against rising costs and poor-quality service – a business succeeds or suffers depending on how well your suppliers deliver.

Whether you buy services and products for a business or a department in the public sector, it’s essential you receive a problem-free, cost-effective service from suppliers. Organisations and businesses across all sectors benefit when their procurement processes run like clockwork.

Our Core Values

For you, the client, this means you are not faced with huge consultancy costs

For Buyer BeSure this means we can deliver to clients anytime, from anywhere

For you, the client, this is access to 20 years leading edge experience

For Buyer BeSure this means a focus on adding value

For you, the client, this is freeing up savings to invest in your growth

For Buyer BeSure this is continual professional development

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