The ABC of Procurement Projects

Your personnel will be given access to tools and templates and coached through a Procurement Project.

The emphasis is on upskilling your staff so they can continue to procure brilliantly project after project.


An immediate saving delivered as a result of the Procurement Project itself. Coupled with the knowledge that the contractual documentation and any Service Levels represent the best available to you and minimise the risk and exposure to your business.

You will have upskilled personnel whom you can confidently appoint as your part-time internal procurement experts. Ensuring they achieve the best results as your company grows.

How we work:

Some of our clients have a project in mind, others we can identify a suitable project either through the Virtual CPO Service or simply through the initial one hour free consultation.

We will recommend a project structure and timeline which we will ask you to commit to: this need not be complex or onerous. Without the appropriate governance it can be very difficult to deliver any project, let alone a procurement project within larger organisations.  Whilst we will do this with you pre-inception we will also coach your personnel through the importance of this as part of project kick off.

In parallel we will outline the attributes of a good procurement candidate so that you can match those to the personnel within your organisation.

Once the structure and procurement candidate have been identified we will kick off the project and coach your appointed personnel, week by week, through the ABC of Procurement. Templates will be shared that will assist this process and which can also be retained by your personnel for future use.

Your management team will have full transparency and will also receive checklists for the things they should consider when management approval is being sought. These tools are still valuable even where you are both the procurement personnel and the manager – more useful arguably as they will help you to critique your own work.

As an integrity measure, we’ll always make sure that projects deliver tangible, meaningful benefits for your organisation.

If we can’t envisage a minimum of a ten-fold return on your spend with BuyerBeSure, we won’t recommend you proceed with a project.

You will be able to deliver sustainable results across multiple projects.

Quality gates are built into the processes and toolkits.

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