An Introduction to BuyerBeSure

Did you know we can train our muscles to work automatically when we repeat certain moves? It’s called muscle memory.

As a young gymnast, Jo learnt that our muscles can be trained to perform in the same way, simply by repetition. Eventually, muscles memorise the repeated moves. With the correct training, our muscles allow sporting achievements we may have previously believed to be impossible.   

Is this familiar to you?

Jo saw similarities in her work with clients. What if she could help train their procurement muscles? Their employees could evolve into heavyweight lifters who efficiently leverage their full purchasing power, their muscle, in a way they could not imagine – until now.

Three Values Form the BuyerBeSure Vision

1. Freedom

Freedom to pursue her business goals to support clients who are free to choose aspects of the Buyer BeSure service which suit them best without the ties of an ongoing commitment.

If we cannot save you at least 10 times the amount of our fee, there will be no pressure for you to take up our services.”

2. Service

Buyer BeSure offers clients new insights and depth of knowledge. You are presented with ideas and opportunities for savings – benefits you may not have realised were achievable.

3. Growth

Jo helps in two ways; By using the savings to invest in growing your business, and by supporting employees’ personal development through coaching and mentoring in procurement. As a result, they will possess the skills to make a positive difference to the success of your department or company.

Game Changing

Jo’s vision is all about helping clients achieve their goals through better procurement.She knows the methods they use will result in repeatable savings – year after year.

Better supplier relationships and procurement processes will improve the company’s prosperity and as a result its growth. 

Could your company or department benefit from this level of expertise in procurement?

To find out more about the benefits Buyer BeSure can offer you, contact us here. 

We deliver remotely so time zones are no barrier.

Talk to us, we will do our best to find a way to add value to your organisation that works for us both.

As a SME, if we need to pivot to meet your goals, we can easily to do so.

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