Procurement Coaching and Consultraining

Our Consultraining Approach

Clients benefit in the long term after receiving ‘consultraining’ in procurement practices. The techniques they learn make a remarkable difference to a business. Here are two recent success stories.  
  • One of our clients is a long-established manufacturing company who believed it impossible to change the terms and conditions agreed with their supplier. After working with Buyer BeSure to investigate the situation, and putting in place the necessary changes, we achieved savings of 9%.
  • Using supplier management techniques, we engaged an outsourced supplier with the ultimate goal of improving customer experience. This resulted in improved customer retention of 92%.

Getting The Best From Your Suppliers

Buyer BeSure ‘consultrain’ clients’ teams in procurement and supplier management to achieve results like these. You get to build a high performing team with the skills to negotiate favourable pricing, manage supplier relationships and receive continuously excellent service. They use systems and processes to measure how much is spent, how often and with whom. Contractual agreements define the service levels suppliers must work to. This results in less risk, lower costs and less wasted time in the business. Why not ask us to help you? To find out more about our procurement ‘consultraining’ service, please get in touch with us here. 

As an absolute minimum we aim to deliver a 10 fold return on your spend with Buyer Besure. For some clients it is far greater.

if we can’t find a way to do that we won’t recommend you proceed with the project.

You will be able to deliver sustainable results across multiple supplier relationships.

Suppliers will be more willing to participate than you realise.

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