Procurement Analysis Services

Would you like a clearer view of the amount of money you spend with suppliers each month?

Would you like to identify opportunities for bulk discounts, better contracts and improvements in service from your suppliers?

We love data. 

We even love data gaps – because they tell us a story about a business.

For most of our clients we analyse the amount of money they’re spending. We identify major suppliers and the quality of both the relationship and the service they provide.

We are here to help you achieve significant cost savings while continually improving the service you receive from suppliers. The spend data, including the gaps, shows us where you could be making improvements.  We use that information to build a recommendation plan bespoke to your business.


Uncovering New Opportunities

When we tell people about the results they’ll receive, we expect them to be sceptical. To save you at least 10 times the amount of our fee sounds beyond belief. Yet clients are achieving extraordinary results by working with us.

Let us explain.

  • One of our clients is a health insurance provider. They had been spending $200M on travel, IT, marketing, events and payment terms. Our analysis identified 17% savings on that $200m spend.
  • A county council experienced similar results after working with Buyer BeSure. We worked with them to change the way their suppliers delivered services and this resulted in £2M in savings along with improvements in quality.

We uncover the opportunities for your suppliers to improve the quality of service and pricing structure they provide to you.

There may be opportunities for savings you may not previously considered negotiable.

Perhaps your business has changed and local suppliers who may have provided sufficient service levels when your company operated from a single location are no longer practical now you’re UK-wide and growing. In this instance, you’d need a national service provider backed up by legally enforceable contracts. The risk to the business of inadequate IT support contracts could seriously harm your business.

Would it be reassuring to find out how we can help?

Contact us today to find out more.