Virtual CPO

Acting as your Virtual Chief Procurement Officer, Buyer BeSure will put in place a procurement dashboard for review with your Executive at your Board meeting.  Buyer BeSure will attend the Board meeting, remotely, to provide support in summarising the findings; and to provide expertise in steering your organisation towards releasing the value identified in the report.

Significant Savings

Some new clients are sceptical at first. Then, the results speak for themselves and clients see first-hand the benefits our ‘Virtual Chief Procurement officer’ service brings them.

Let us give some examples.

Our Virtual Chief Procurement Officers bring years of procurement experience across a wide range of industries and sectors.  In the role of Virtual Chief Procurement Officer, we act as Accountable Executives at the most senior level within your business. The main objective here is to identify opportunities for cost savings. In the first instance, to we help to prevent overspend by being actively engaged in your business while it makes spend commitments.

This work has resulted in our clients saving over £100m since we began working with them.

In another example, a pharmaceutical company was able to trial more drugs as a result of shaving 34% off the cost of their clinical studies.

What kind of difference would savings like these make to your company?

The BuyerBeSure Difference

Buyer BeSure supports directors and business owners to uncover savings by managing suppliers more effectively, controlling pricing and improving quality of products and services received.

The first step is to analyse your current spend against potential savings and risk. 

We take the financial information your accounting and finance teams provide and use it to uncover opportunities for cost savings.

Next, we put into action the plan to safeguard your business from rising costs.  

The work involves renegotiating contracts with suppliers and managing third party costs to achieve the financial objectives defined in your business strategy.

We work with you monthly, quarterly, once-only, or as and when required – depending on what will achieve the greatest cost savings.

We work with you only when we are certain of delivering at least ten times the cost of our fees.

The best time to improve supplier relationships and procurement processes is now. Let us help you to get started.

Please get in touch and we’ll answer all your questions.

As an absolute minimum we aim to deliver a 10 fold return on your spend with Buyer Besure. For some clients it is far greater.

  • if we can’t identify the savings, we won’t charge you.
  • If your company profile isn’t appropriate for the Virtual CPO Service then we won’t recommend it to you.

Buyer BeSure will clearly outline to you where you can be making savings and avoiding costs

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